Jocelyn M. Post, LMT, Myofascial Specialist

Jocelyn M. Post, LMT Massage Therapy in Potsdam


Myofascial massage is a treatment approach that utilizes the fascial trains or lines, to observe where in the body there are dysfunctional tissue states, and to then correct those mal-alignments. A detailed medical history is taken, and in depth observation & palpation of the patient's posture, movement and breathing are integral components in determining the best treatment goals for each individual. 

​This approach gets to the actual source of the discomfort and treats that dysfunction, rather than chasing symptoms around the body and never getting the desired results. We will come up with a treatment plan just for you based on your history and findings with a goal of your best healing in mind.

Are you looking for help with discomfort or chronic pain and want more than a one size fits all remedy?

​​​​A blend of stretching of the tissue, as well as very specific point pressure, Myofascial Release therapy works directly on correcting “snags” in the Connective Tissue (CT) or Fascia of the body.  Fascia is the most abundant type of tissue in the body.  It is found on both superficial and deep levels, wrapping around groups of muscles, organs, bones, and even blood vessels & nerves. Because of its extensive nature, it plays a very important role in postural alignment, and its health is imperative to the state of well-being of your body.

What is Myofascial Massage?

Myofascial massage therapy is a treatment approach